Can I expedite EAD with job offer?

Can I expedite EAD with job offer?

A: It is possible to expedite your EAD card if you have a job offer from an employer.

When to make an expedite request for EAD?

Here are three key things you have to know about the expedite request. Ideally, you can submit an expedite request whenever your case is pending, but you do need a strong reason and evidence in doing so. First, you will place a request to expedite your OPT/EAD approval process.

What are the reasons for EAD expedite cover letter?

Top reasons for EAD expedite financial loss to mention in EAD expedite cover letter: You will lose your job if your H4 EAD renewal is not approved before the current EAD’s expiry. Your job offer will expire if new L2 EAD is not approved before a certain date.

How to expedite your opt or H4 EAD application?

You may be on F1 Visa and applied for Initial OPT Card. Perhaps, you are on H4 Visa and applied for H4 EAD with USCIS. Your OPT application (I-765 form) is pending for over 90 days. Your employer can’t wait any longer. They have given an ultimatum. You got two weeks to start your new job or employer could rescind the offer.

How to file USCIS EAD expedite request ( job loss, medical )?

EAD expedite chances for financial loss, job loss with Congressman letter rise to 20%. EAD expedite chances for MEDICAL emergency + financial loss + job loss are very good at 90%. You can find your congressman based on your address and request them to send this ‘expedite request’ to USCIS on your behalf.

How does an EAD expedite request get processed?

The USCIS sends your expedite request to the USCIS office who is processing your EAD application. You will an email notification and a tracking number for your EAD expedite request. USCIS officer may contact you by email to submit further evidence of your situation. You should be ready with supporting documents to prove your case.

How to expedite the H4 EAD application process?

Background of H4 EAD Application : 1 Called USCIS to Expedite – Standard Expedite request way. I Called USCIS on Dec 30, 2019 to expedite. 2 Reached out to Ombudsman – Expedite Request Denied On Jan 2, 2020 I raised an online request for Ombudsman to expedite 3 Expedite Request for H4 EAD using Congressman

Who is responsible for increased EAD processing time?

USCIS itself is responsible for this situation as the H4 EAD and L2 EAD processing time have increased exponentially after the introduction of i539 form Biometrics in March 2019. Need Help?

When does USCIS deny an EAD expedite request?

The tax paying legal resident’s EAD work permits are also not expedited even when their salary is more than 100k per year and they are on verge of losing job if EAD is not approved before current card’s expiry. USCIS denied EAD expedite request even with medical reason.