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Can a truck driver still use paper logs?

Can a truck driver still use paper logs?

There are is still a lot of confusion with some drivers and companies on when they have to use an ELD and when they can just use the old school logbooks. This is pretty straight forward exception. If you’re a driver that only drives just a few days out of any given month, you can keep using a paper log just like the good ‘ol days.

What do you need to know about trucking software?

Trucking software provides a unified way to manage dispatch records, track your drivers, pay invoices, and monitor interstate fuel tax agreement (IFTA) reports. Trucking software can be used by single owner/operators, or by a company managing a fleet of drivers or carriers.

Do you have to have a log book to drive a truck?

Drivers not required to keep a log under the 100 air mile and 150 air mile short haul rules If you’re a driver that falls under either the 100 air mile radius or the 150 air mile radius for non CDL drivers, you’re not required to keep a logbook. If you’re not required to keep a logbook, you don’t need an ELD.

Is there a bill to help small trucking companies?

A bill was introduced in the U.S. House on May 23, 2018 (HR5948) to try and provide some regulatory relief from the ELD rules to small trucking companies. If the bill does go into effect, it would allow carriers with 10 or fewer trucks to continue to use paper logs and not electronic logging devices.

How much does a logging truck driver make?

The loads average between $50 and $150 depending on the product and the mill location. Basically you can make $1500 a week if you run hard, REALLY fast, and know your way around the roads. Average pay is closer to 11-1200 per week. As always in trucking, how hard, fast and skilled you are will determine your pay.

How much time does a truck driver spend filling out logs?

According to the FMCSA, truck drivers spend an average of 20 hours a year filling out logs and reporting their hours of service. The automation of ELDs eliminates all that paperwork, giving drivers more time to drive. Electronic logging can add several hours a week of drive time because drivers can round up to the nearest minute for stops.

Where can I find list of trucking companies?

We’ve obtained access to their trucking company registration data and made it easy to search these records. Use this US DOT trucking directory to identify trucking companies in your state and learn the size of their fleet, cargo types, contact information and more. US Department of Transportation public records effective date 9/12/2018.

What’s the road like in a logging truck?

It’s basically a VERY rough cut “kinda” graded road that bounces you all over and includes 12% grades over road that will shake your teeth out. You back up to a loader, who lifts off your rear-end, you pull up, he sets it down and you back up into the pintle-latch, set up your air and electrical lines, get the Hell out of the way and he loads you.