Can a step parent hit their step child?

Can a step parent hit their step child?

Even though a stepparent is able to render “reasonable chastisement” of a stepchild, a stepparent is not entitled to abuse a child. See generally H.D. Warren, Annotation, Criminal Liability for Excessive or Improper Punishment Inflicted on a Child by a Parent, Teacher, or One In Loco Parentis, 89 A.L.R.

When is a step parent allowed to hit their step child?

The statute states that force is justified when: (i) the… Corporal punishment is not illegal, but if it rises to a level which could reasonable be considered abusive then there could be possible criminal charges. The incident could be reported to Children & Youth Services or the local police to investigate.

Who is the father of my step son?

I recently married my long time partner, Jim (the boy’s father), and am now officially his step-mother. A few days ago I walked into my son’s room to tell him that his lunch was ready, and was shocked to find him masturbating!

What happens when a father hits his son?

I once saw a father and young son (about age five) bicycling along a busy road, the father following the son. The father was beside himself with rage because his son simply would not keep his mind on the road. Everything seemed to distract him. The father finally lost it, pulled his son off his bicycle, and swatted him hard on the bottom.

Can a step parent have custody of a step child?

As a step-parent, you don’t automatically have legal parental responsibility for your stepchild. You can get parental responsibility for your stepchild through a parenting order or adoption. The custody rights of your stepchild depend on what’s in your stepchild’s best interests. Am I a step-parent?

Is it legal for a step father to hit You?

As for what is legal in this country, your step-father is not allowed to hit you or your brothers – the laws of the United States govern such behavior, not a person’s country of origin or religion. And regarding your step-father filing a “complaint” against you, your mother and father are responsible to take care for you.

What to do if step parent hits Step Child?

The incident could be reported to Children & Youth Services or the local police to investigate. Alternatively, if you are the subject of a custody order, your father could file a petition to include a provision in the order which prohibits physical discipline by any third…

What did my father do to my son?

While he was with his father in Texas last spring, his father disciplined him with a wooden switch, which caused multiple bruises and open cuts on the boy’s hands, thighs, lower back, buttocks, and scrotum. The marks were still present when he returned to his mother’s care in Minnesota.

When does conflict between step parent and step child occur?

Conflict will often erupt between a child and a step-parent when the child enters adolescence. It’s normal for kids to start asserting more independence when they reach the teen years. This in turn can sometimes bring on a period of rebellion.