Can a relative of an employee of a school district?

Can a relative of an employee of a school district?

If a person is an employee of a school district for at least 30 days prior to the appointment of the public official, the employee may continue in employment and other members of the governing board may vote to rehire, promote, increase the compensation of, or dismiss that employee; the relative of the employee must abstain from voting.

Can a family member hire a school board member?

Hiring of relatives by school board or superintendent. School board members. Although there are exceptions, a school board member cannot vote to hire a person who is related within the third degree by consanguinity or within the second degree by marriage to any member of the school board. First degree: parent or child.

Can a school board member hire a superintendent?

If a school district’s Board of Trustees has delegated final hiring authority to the superintendent for a class of employees, the provisions outlined above for school board members apply to the superintendent for decisions relating to that class of employees.

Can a public school teacher have a conflict of interest?

Tutoring Paid for by the District : Apart from their primary employment (which is viewed as a contract for conflict of interest purposes), teachers and other public employees are not allowed to have a financial interest in a contract with an agency at their same level of government, unless an exemption applies.

Who are the employees of Bossier Parish Schools?

While many of their colleagues are enjoying summer break, Bossier Schools employees Terri Finklea and Krystal Parrish will be spending theirs recovering from transplant surgery.

Who is the Pocatello Chubbuck School District looking for?

The Pocatello/Chubbuck School District is looking for employees who believe in “Learning Today For The Possibilities Of Tomorrow.” We are a team of talented, passionate, and committed professionals who believe that every child will graduate prepared for success in college, career, and life.