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Can a part time worker work on a public holiday?

Can a part time worker work on a public holiday?

Parity with full-time workers extends to part-timers in terms of contractual rights to bank or public holidays because they have a right to a pro-rata equivalent of their full-time colleagues. “It does not matter that the part-time worker does not normally work on the day on which the bank or public holiday falls,” Stevens says.

Can a part time worker be stood down for any reason?

Permanent full-time and part-time workers have more rights but they can still be stood down if work has to be stopped for “any cause for which the employer cannot reasonably be held responsible”, according to workplace laws.

How to get a part time restaurant job?

In Room Dining Food & Beverage Hosts and Hostesses are responsible for… More… Full-time and part-time positions available. Full-time and part-time positions available. Looking for high energy people with a glowing personality, a… More… Adaptable/flexible — enjoys doing work that requires frequent shifts in direction.

How do you calculate holiday entitlement for part time?

How do You Calculate Holiday Entitlement for Part-Time? In general, part-time workers use the 8% of hours worked option to determine their holiday entitlement. Let’s say you work part-time four days a week and four hours a day. This means your average week involves 16 hours of work.

How many days off do part time employees get?

Maybe, you offer your full-time employees 16 days of paid time off and eight days to part-time workers. If you don’t offer paid vacation to employees, you can still give them unpaid vacation days. Do part-time employees get holiday pay? Holiday pay is not mandatory for any employee.

Can a part time employee be treated less favourably than a full time employee?

Employers can treat part-time workers less favourably than full-time workers in two circumstances: Employers cannot treat a part-time employee less favourably than a comparable full-time employee simply because of the fact that they work part-time.

Is the protection of part time work act unlawful?

The employee, in good faith, opposed (by lawful means) an act that is unlawful under the Protection of Employees (Part-Time Work) Act

What is the Code of practice on part time work?

The Code of Practice on Access to Part-Time Work aims to encourage employers and employees to consider part-time work. It sets out ways that employers can improve access to part-time work. An employer should have a procedure for dealing with part-time working requests.