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At what age do you stop paying child maintenance in South Africa?

At what age do you stop paying child maintenance in South Africa?

As long as a child needs the financial support, they are entitled to child maintenance. If the child is earning an income by age 18, the maintenance order will stop. However support payments can extend until the child turns 21 (or even later) if the child is not self-supporting by this time.

Who is responsible for child support after a divorce?

Both parents have the responsibility to support their children financially. When a divorce occurs and one parent has physical custody of the children, that parent’s responsibility is fulfilled by being the custodial parent. The other parent then makes a child support payment to fulfill their non-custodial parent financial responsibilities.

Is it fair for women to get child support?

Fair is fair and equal is equal. Women demand equality and I am all for it…let’s start here and child support. In today’s society, women are able to make as much if not more than men. Child support should be scrutinized more fairly and each situation should be granted individual due diligence as one situation is not like the other.

Can a woman make a man pay child support?

Since no man was on the birth certificate she started pointing fingers. She figured out her fiancee wasn’t the father and pointed the finger at my husband. Not only did she turn him in as a potential father she had the nerve to call him and accuse him of being the father and demand he pay her 100 dollars a month.

When do I need to go back to court for child support?

If your ex is not living up to the custody decree by providing visitation as required, you will need to go back to court to enforce the court order. You have an obligation to financially support your children, regardless of any visitation issues. Not staying current on your child support obligations is called “big trouble.”

When does a child need support from both parents?

Children need emotional and financial support from both parents. Even when a child’s parents do not live together, it is important they work together to support and be a part of their child’s life. Regular payment of child and medical support provides:

Are there any problems with the child support system?

Another stereotype feeding many of the problems with the current child support laws is that of the deadbeat dad. In 1986, CBS produced a report titled “The Vanishing Family: Crisis in Black America,” which featured a New Jersey father of six who bragged on camera about not supporting his children financially.

What happens to a man with a child support debt?

Research has shown that men with outstanding child support debts tend to be less involved in their children’s lives. Some even find themselves incarcerated over unpaid payments. And since many states treat incarceration as voluntary unemployment, child support debts continue accumulating while men are in prison.