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Are there any summer camp jobs for college students?

Are there any summer camp jobs for college students?

If you relate to this, then there’s the perfect place waiting for you: summer camp. Over half a million college students will find their way from their campus to camp this summer to fill openings at camps across the United States. Imagine a job where almost anything is possible: Live, play, and work in the great outdoors.

Are there any summer camps in North Carolina?

The camps at the North Carolina Aquarium provide specific themes for various age levels, fostering skills such as storytelling, investigation, habitat exploration, animal care, conservation and even an understanding of careers in marine science for older teens.

What was it like to work at Ke camps?

I worked as a camp counselor last summer (during COVID-19), and camp was such a great break from all the craziness going on in the world for both us and the kids. The management of KE Camps is very welcoming and sweet. Was this review helpful? The administration at KE Camps are so supportive and caring.

Can you get college credit by working at Camp?

College credit can sometimes be obtained from working at camp. Check with your college advisor to see if you qualify. For more information on working at camp, visit the ACA Employment Center .

What to do for summer camp in NC?

Communication Summer Camp If your teen is passionate about a career in Television, North Carolina State College’s Communication Summer Camp just might be a fit. A week-long program, this course introduces students to the world of broadcasting. Covered topics include television production, presentational speaking, and writing for TV.

Are there any summer programs in North Carolina?

As the name indicates, the FLAMES program is designed to help future math and science majors achieve their goals in STEM. A one-week program out of North Carolina State College, this course encourages students to work in teams to solve challenges related to computer science and entrepreneurship.

When does WNC overnight summer camps start in 2021?

Encourages boys and girls to live and grow simply, rooted by intentional experiences and connection to the community. Activities promote self-expression, personal growth, skill-building, and fun. With wilderness activities, music and drama, athletics, and more. 1-3 week sessions, June 12-August 15, 2021.

Are there any summer camps in Asheville NC?

Childcare Network’s Adventure Summer Camp 2019: Channel the Fun at 330 Sardis Road Asheville North Carolina. Asheville, North Carolina. Childcare Network’s Adventure Summer Camp is designed with fun and educational activities that will keep your child learning, exploring, and physically active during the summer months.