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Are there any professional jobs threatened by advances?

Are there any professional jobs threatened by advances?

Take a look at these 10 professional jobs that are threatened by advances big data and machine learning: Some aspects of a doctor’s job can now be done by computers. For example, surgeons already use automated robotic systems to aid with less invasive procedures.

Can a person be threatened by their boss?

I don’t have the qualifications to do the boss’ job.” Your boss can be threatened by you even if you are not a candidate (at least not in the near term) for his or her job. Your bright flame can singe your manager just because he or she is used to being in the limelight and doesn’t want to share it with you!

Are there any jobs that are under threat?

Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. This article is more than 3 years old. When you read or hear news stories about the imminent takeover of robots and algorithms that will eliminate jobs for human workers, many times the first examples given are blue-collar jobs like factory workers and taxi drivers.

How much does a vice president of a company make?

Vice President Salary. A VP is also recognized as an officer of the company. This designation brings additional pay, authority, responsibility, and accountability to the role. Salaries for all chief executives overall can range from approximately $68,000 to $208,000, depending on additional compensation and benefits.

What are the vice president jobs in Atlantic Canada?

A leading real estate development company in Atlantic Canada is seeking a VP of Commercial Operations and Tenant Relations to join their team. Reporting to…

Who is the vice president of the country?

Vice President, Country: Some vice presidents are tasked with managing the sales and/or operations of a specific country. They will usually report to a regional senior vice president (e.g., A Vice President, Germany would report to a Senior Vice President, Europe).

Who is the vice president of sawmill operations?

Reporting to the President, the Sawmill Operations Vice-President is a key member of the senior management team and will be a strong team player. In this role… Company: Grant Global Logistics Employment: permanent, full time Schedule: 35 hours per week Wage: $59.00 per hour Job requirements Languages English…

What is the job description of the vice president of fraud?

Vice President, Fraud: The Vice President, Fraud maintains responsibility for protecting a corporation from external or internal fraud and, when incidents of fraud do occur, investigating them. With the vast growth of cyber-related crime, the focus of this position often is on securing confidentiality, privacy and payments.