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Are there any lone parent groups in Ireland?

Are there any lone parent groups in Ireland?

Now coordinator of St Mary’s lone-parent group in Limerick, she says there remain “huge problems” for lone parents in Ireland. She had hoped the prevailing move was towards enabling single parents to progress away from benefits. The biggest obstacle to this, that she sees every day, is the lack of childcare.

When did Kernott move out of her husband’s house?

She paid the mortgage for their eight years together whilst he paid £100-a-week “expenses”. Kernott moved out in 1993; made no offer of maintenance for the two children, now both in their 20s; nor did Jones make a claim through the Child Support Agency.

Can an ex partner get half of a house?

Mortgage warning for unmarried couples as ex-partner gets half of house. Ex-boyfriend entitled to half share 17 years after split even though he did not pay mortgage, appeal court rules.

Can a child be moved away from their father?

I moved my children 600 miles away from their father (from north of Scotland to Hampshire) and when I asked my solicitor (Scots Law) she said that in theory my ex could contest me taking them so far away.

When is Lisa Tierney Keogh moving back to Ireland?

I’ll move home to Ireland in July Lisa Tierney-Keogh says goodbye to her great grand aunt, who will not see Ireland again Ireland’s not perfect, but it is home. It draws me back every time, despite its many flaws I love my country more than ever, more than anywhere. I never belonged anywhere else

Can a partner apply for residence in Ireland?

Partners will be allowed to apply for permission to reside in Ireland before arriving The older I get the more I realise that, wherever I am, west Clare will always be in me After the first few years of homesickness, you come to love two places, two homes

Can a direct descendant of an EU citizen move to Ireland?

Direct descendants who are aged under 21 or are dependants (of the EU citizen and the spouse or civil partner) Direct ancestors who are dependent. Other family members who do not have an absolute right may be able to move to Ireland. The Directive requires member states to facilitate the entry and residence of:

Should children of returning emigrants be exempt from Irish?

Should children of returning emigrants be exempt from Irish? Some parents want their kids to learn Irish, while others are relieved by the exemption People left ‘vulnerable’ with no income because of ‘unacceptable delays’ Thousands of workers are needed but housing and a possible crash are concerns