Are there any live work homes in Orange County?

Are there any live work homes in Orange County?

There are a limited number of live/work units that are available for lease. Use the link below to view some of the current residential/commercial or loft units for lease. If you are interested in leasing in a specific area or housing tract, please contact me.

Where to live and work in Southern California?

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Are there live / work homes in Ladera Ranch?

These homes may also have the added benefit of providing additional tax write-offs, as they do provide a home-office or employment space (check with your CPA). Live/work homes in Ladera Ranch include the Bannister Street and Front Street housing tracts. These units include office space on the ground floor.

What kind of jobs are available in California?

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Can You Live and work in Oakland CA?

Presently, live/work in Oakland is only permitted in buildings “originally designed, constructed [and completed]” for commercial or industrial purposes. New construction of live/work is not currently permitted in Oakland, although the Oakland Code does provide for future adoption of such provisions as F-8 and R-8 occupancy.

What is the Oakland live / work building code?

The Oakland Live/Work Building Code describes two types of live/work space: live/work (R-7) and work/live (F-7). Live/work is aimed at those where residence is the primary activity. Therefore R-7 more closely resembles the residential building code, while making provisions for low-impact work activities.

What’s the difference between work / work and live / work?

Because residence always occurs in the live/work space, both live/work (R-7/8) and work/live (F-7/8) sections of the live/work code often make reference to residential provisions of the code regarding matters like ventilation and minimum residential facilities. Live/Work Code “Default” Occupancy Designations 1-2 Units 3+ Units

What is the new live and work code?

Central to the new code is that occupancy separations between living and working portions of units are not required. In exchange for this relaxation, the types of activities and the quantities of hazardous materials stored or used within a unit are limited by the Live/Work Code.