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Are there any legal issues with a licensed counselor?

Are there any legal issues with a licensed counselor?

A licensed counselor has many legal issues to consider. Breaching confidentiality becomes necessary when the counselor has a duty to warn or an ethical duty to protect the client and others from harm. The counselor must take measures to protect the client or anyone they may put in danger.

What are the legal issues with Child Counselors?

Failure to report when the counselor should may also result in lawsuits and legal consequences. In addition to duty to warn, counselors have a mandated responsibility to report cases of suspected abuse or neglect to a government agency. Confidentiality is overridden by the need to protect the child.

Are there legal issues with over reacting in counseling?

Over reacting may do damage to the client, and at the least cause damage to the relationship between counselor and client. The counselor could face a malpractice suit for breaching confidentiality if it was not necessary for people’s safety. Failure to report when the counselor should may also result in lawsuits and legal consequences.

What are the legal issues with counseling records?

Legally, since the records are about the client, they belong to the client, and the client has access to them. If the client changes to another counselor, that therapist would also have access to the records. The client may have copies of the records and use them in litigation.

Who is the American Counseling Association of Georgia?

ACA of Georgia is a not-for-profit grassroots organization that represents professional counselors and counseling students, of all specialty areas, who live or work in the state of Georgia. As a branch of the American Counseling Association, we extend the efforts of growing and enhancing the counseling profession at the state level.

How are the laws and regulations for counseling changing?

Technology is changing at such a quick pace that it’s hard for the laws and counseling regulations to keep up. One of the most important changes that we see involves the issues of confidentiality and privacy.

What is the Code of Conduct for a psychologist in Georgia?

Licensure by the State of Georgia mandates compliance with the Code of Ethics 1 and the Supplemental Code of Conduct delineated in Chapters 510-4 and 510-5 respectively. This Code of Ethics and Supplemental Code of Conduct constitutes the standards against which the required professional conduct of a psychologist is measured.

Can a complaint be brought against a counselor?

Therefore, with careful thought and planning, counselors in all settings can minimize the risks inherent in their practices. Additionally, if a complaint is brought against the counselor, that careful thought and planning can often mean the difference between a bad outcome and a successful outcome.