Are there any layoffs at the Lodi News-Sentinel?

Are there any layoffs at the Lodi News-Sentinel?

It owns eight newspapers in Arkansas. Starting last year and through March, the Lodi (California) News-Sentinel laid off five people, four from the newsroom and one in design, Poynter has learned. The newsroom has also had 20% pay cuts since summer.

Are there any layoffs at the Los Angeles Daily Post?

NBCU has laid off 130 employees in Los Angeles since the start of the year. The Palo Alto (Calif.) Daily Post went from six days of print to four in March. In October, it returned to five days a week. It is owned by Dave Price and Jim Pavelich.

Are there any layoffs at the Anniston Star?

The Anniston Star had one layoff, one early retirement and one employee stepped down. On April 24, North Jefferson News in Gardendale, Alabama, announced it was merging with sister paper The Cullman Times. Both are owned by CNHI.

What happens when veterinary clinic is at capacity?

When the veterinary clinic is at capacity, that doesn’t mean that pets don’t still need care. Imagine being the person who has to break the news to a stricken pet parent that their veterinary clinic can’t help them today. Clients in distress often don’t take this news well.

Why is it so hard to get an appointment with your vet?

For general practitioners, that means pushing off wellness exams to allow more space for urgent patients. Our doctors in quarantine are helping by doing telemedicine calls for patients that can safely be helped that way. You just keep trying hard and try to adapt. That’s the pandemic way.

Can a veterinary receptionist say no to a patient?

The veterinary team is right for saying “no” if they feel like taking on another patient will negatively impact quality of care. It’s a lose-lose situation, and the veterinary receptionist is at the fulcrum of that vice grip. We’ll keep working toward solutions, but it is important that the receptionist experience during this time be shared.

Can a private employer close for the holidays in PA?

PA Statute 71.2.249 Private employers in Pennsylvania are not required to close on any of the listed holidays. Additionally, private employers are not required to allow employees to take either paid or unpaid time off on the holidays nor are they required to pay employees any premium wage rates to employees who work on the holidays.

Do you have to pay an employee not to work in PA?

There is no Pennsylvania labor law which requires an employer to pay an employee not to work. Benefits like sick leave, vacation pay and severance pay are payments to an employee not to be at work. Therefore, an employer only has to pay these benefits if the employer has a policy to pay such benefits or a contract with you to pay these benefits.

How much overtime do you have to work in PA?

What is the Law Regarding Overtime? Most employees in Pennsylvania must be paid overtime compensation for any hours they work over 40 straight time hours per week. Overtime compensation is 1-1/2 times the employee’s straight time rate of pay. Other employees may be overtime exempt because they may fall into one or more other exemptions.

Do you have to give reason to fire employee in PA?

Pennsylvania is an ‘ AT WILL ‘ state. An employer does not need to give a reason to fire an employee under Pennsylvania wage and hour laws. However, you may wish to check with an attorney to see whether or not you can file a civil lawsuit against your employer for wrongful discharge.