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Are there any job interview questions in California?

Are there any job interview questions in California?

California’s legislative updates in the last year have made job interviews more perilous than ever for the unwary employer. The Legislature has recently introduced prohibitions on salary history and criminal conviction questions for certain employers.

What are the questions about unemployment in California?

The questions and answers are categorized into the following major sections: A. Eligibility for California Unemployment Insurance Benefits for Employees B. How Much You Are Entitled to in Unemployment Benefits in California C. Filing an Unemployment Insurance Claim in California If You Were an Employee and Laid Off

Can a California employer ask a bad question?

In this ever-changing legal landscape, it is important for California employers to know what they can and cannot ask candidates in a job interview. Although Michael Scott ’s fictional character in The Office would have us believe there is no such thing as a “bad question,” that expression holds less true in California today than ever.

Can you answer yes to all California EDD questions?

Answer “Yes” only if you received any other type of income based on work performed this week.

What kind of questions do employers ask in California?

Such questions, though seemingly offhanded, can be interpreted as questions about the applicant’s national origin. Also, California’s Labor and Workforce Development Agency has made it clear that the state’s labor protections apply to all employees—regardless of their immigration status.

What should I know about the California job interview?

Take note of the following guidelines to ace that next interview so you can indeed be the “World’s Best Boss.” Read the fact sheet developed by California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing, which offers guidance on questions employers can ask applicants.

Can a California employer ask for salary history?

With the passage of AB 168, effective January 1, 2018, California employers must not ask job applicants for “salary history information” or rely on

What can former employers say about job applicants in California?

This article explains the limits on what former employers in California can say about job applicants when talking to recruiters, hiring managers, or potential employers.