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Why is junior year so bad?

Why is junior year so bad?

The added pressure to do well, studying for the SAT or ACT, thinking about colleges, a greater commitment to extracurricular activities, and high expectations make junior year the hardest for many people. Normally, it depends what classes you’re taking.

What is junior year of high school like?

This year will be heavily focused on college and academics. It will feel more serious than your underclassman years of high school. But don’t forget to have fun in between the studying. High school is now halfway over and you have some fun events, such as your first prom, to look forward to this year.

How do you survive junior year of high school?

Here are some suggestions to help them on their way:Study for the SAT in the summer. Write the college essay with an English teacher. Don’t do a spring sport unless necessary. Don’t visit colleges until junior year. Pick one activity and stick with it. Ask for teachers recommendations early.