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Why is an employee required to stay in a hotel?

Why is an employee required to stay in a hotel?

An employee in our company was required to stay overnight in a hotel on the night prior to the decleration of our annual results. This is because she was required to work late into the night to prepare publicity material, and re-start work early the next morning. This was therefore a one off event.

What to do if employee refuses to stay overnight?

You need to book some key staff on to a training course that’s being held in another part of the country. This will require a night’s stay at a hotel. However, one is refusing to be away from home overnight. Are your hands tied? Help, please!

When does an employee have to be on call overnight?

Once a month, an employee who works daytime hours is required to be on call overnight in order to come to the office to respond quickly to emergencies that may occur at night. The employer pays for the employee to stay at a local hotel the night that he is on duty.

What happens if you work late at night in a hotel?

Utter madness reigns, a poor employee is forced to work through the night, luckily the employer is not callous enough to send her home late at night without escort for less than the perscribed amount of sleep and the taxman thinks its a jolly!!! The madmen have taken over the asylum!

When to pay for employees to stay at hotels?

Sometimes it is not convenient or efficient for employees to go to their homes at night and return to work the next day. Instead, an employer might decide to pay for employees to stay at a local hotel or other nearby lodging.

Do you have to stay overnight for hotel training?

The training is directly connected with the employer’s business. Some employees attending the training are traveling away from home while others are not. Employer requires all employees attending the training to remain overnight at the hotel to facilitate the training.

When is an overnight stay a business expense?

If the overnight stay was required by the employing company then, even if they asked the person to volunteer, that is a strong pointer towards this being a business expense. If an employer requires an employee to do something that is so obviously part of the duties of the job and then pays for it, it cannot really be a benefit in kind.

When does an employer need to provide lodging?

As long as there is a substantial business reason for providing it, lodging can be for the employer’s convenience. This applies even if an employment contract says the lodging is furnished as pay or if your state’s employment laws require you to provide lodging.