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Why do you need an anonymous employee hotline?

Why do you need an anonymous employee hotline?

Our anonymous employee hotline gives your company’s employees an outlet to lodge complaints while maintaining their anonymity. Using CMS as a third party outlet for employee complaints means you can keep employee dissatisfaction where it needs to be: In-house, where it can be promptly addressed.

When do I need to call the employer helpline?

For taxpayer confidentiality reasons, the helpline is unable to discuss the tax affairs of an individual employee with their employer. Such queries should be made by the employee through the PAYE service. Call charges may vary depending on your telephone provider’s service contract. Telephone opening hours: 09.00 to 17.00 (Monday to Friday).

Why do people ignore the company hotline?

Employees often ignore company hotlines because they witness top management’s indifference to ethical business conduct. When employees see management retaliating against would-be whistleblowers, the message at the operational level is clear: Mind your own business, don’t ask questions and keep your head down if you want to keep your job.

What should employees know about the compliance hotline?

From the report itself to the case tracking system and communication between the employee and the Compliance Officer, anonymity and confidentiality are key for employees’ peace of mind.

What does it mean to have an employee hotline?

Employee Hotline Services. An employee hotline is a single number for a variety of uses. CMS offers an array of centralized hotline services designed to improve communication with your workforce.

Can a company terminate an employee based on a false accusation?

However, terminating an employee based on a false accusation isn’t an exception to at-will employment. If someone accuses you of committing some type of misconduct (theft, tardiness, harassment, etc.), your employer can terminate you based on that accusation, whether or not it’s true.

What to do if someone accuses your employee of using drugs?

In other words, if an employer receives this type of call, it can freely choose whether or not to tell the employee that someone has accused her of using drugs. The employer should, however, refrain from informing anyone else of the phone call so as to avoid a possible defamation claim.

What to do if an employee makes a complaint?

It won’t be tolerated; it will be investigated. Provide several different ways in which an employee can make a formal charge or complaint. You will not want to make complaints to the manager or supervisor the employee’s only option as this may be the individual about whom the employee needs to complain.