Why do we need child and youth protection services?

Why do we need child and youth protection services?

For after hours urgent public health matters including environmental health, radiation safety, food poisoning and communicable disease management phone: Do you need help? Do you need help? Child and Youth Protection Services (CYPS) has a statutory responsibility to support children, young people and families requiring a care or justice response.

Who is responsible for the protection of children?

CYPS is the statutory child protection agency which services the ACT region. CYPS has legislative responsibility under the Children and Young People Act 2008 for facilitating and coordinating services across government for the care and protection of children and young people believed to be at risk of harm.

How does child protection work in South Australia?

We’re working to keep South Australia’s children safe by protecting them from abuse and harm, and providing alternative care for children and young people when living at home is no longer an option. ‘hub’ is built on a simple model that operates much like a youth club.

Who is the new Department for child protection?

With a background in child and adolescent psychiatry and mental health, Prue entered the Department for Child Protection in February 2019 eager to support staff to manage complex cases and embed more therapeutic approaches.

What to do if you think your child is in need of protection?

If they think your child is in need of protection, they will work with you and your family to make sure they’re safe. refer the matter to the Director of Child Protection Litigation, who will decide whether to apply for a child protection order . If Child Safety is investigating your child, get immediate legal advice.

When to call the director of child protection litigation?

call 000 in an emergency. If a child has been, or is at risk of being harmed, the Director of Child Protection Litigation can decide whether to make an application to the Childrens Court for a child protection order .

How to contact Court of protection urgent business officer?

An urgent business officer will discuss the matter with you and arrange to receive your application so it can be considered by a judge. Court of Protection Telephone: 020 7421 8824 Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm Find out about call charges.

What are the guidelines for child protection in schools?

Whenever Police or other resource people provide education about child protection, the following guidelines should be followed: The school must have an effective child protection policy that clearly describe how to identify and respond to suspected abuse and neglect (as required under the Vulnerable Children Act 2014).