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Why do some couples decide not to have children?

Why do some couples decide not to have children?

Some couples are led to believe that having a child may save a hurting relationship. While there is no guarantee either way, the pressure of raising children often hurts damaged relationships more than it helps. Some couples feel that having children is simply the next step after marriage.

Can a child inherit from a parent who is not married?

A child whose parents are not married or have not registered a civil partnership can inherit from the estate of a parent who dies intestate. These children can also inherit from grandparents or great-grandparents who have died intestate.

Do you have to have kids if you don’t want them?

Remember that you have no obligation to have children if you don’t want them. Likewise, as long as you are legally an adult in your homeland, you have no obligation to abstain from having children if you do want them. Look around you and see if anyone is pressuring you to make this decision.

Can a court order a child to live with you?

If the court orders that your child comes to live with you, you will be granted PR simultaneously. Since 2014, if the court makes an order for your child to spend time with you, it should also consider whether to make a PR order at the same time.

Can You Leave your husband when you have a child?

Maybe you could use a little help on how to leave your husband when you have a child. Well, it depends on the situation you are in. Leaving a marriage with children cannot be an impulsive decision and more so not an emotional one.

Is it right to divorce if you have children?

The final decision depends on whether you and your spouse both want to work it out and are willing to make it work day in and day out. But if you’re past the point of it working, and if you both just know in your hearts that divorce is the right choice, then who’s to tell you to stay just because you have children?

Do you discipline your new spouse’s children?

DO remember that all relationships take time to form and “liking” you may feel disloyal to their biological parent. Furthermore, they probably feel they now have to compete with you for their parent’s attention. You are the adult. Enough said. Do NOT discipline your new spouse’s children.

What are the flaws in my husband’s children?

The flaws in his children are glaring and intolerable. Without attachment hardwired, we have very limited patience with his children and might view them as spoiled while our own biological children are viewed through a softer lens.