Why did Britney get conservatorship?

Why did Britney get conservatorship?

Britney was put under conservatorship following her very public breakdown in 2008. Following a year of seemingly erratic behavior—such as shaving her head and attacking a paparazzo’s car with an umbrella—the singer was put under a “5150 hold” in a psychiatric hospital for a mental health evaluation.

Who is in charge of Britney Spears conservatorship?

It seems that every few months, new questions arise about the conservatorship the pop icon has been under since 2008 (initially with her father, Jamie Spears, in charge), with some fans even starting a #FreeBritney campaign. But what, exactly, does a conservatorship mean, and what does the Spears family have to say about it?

How did my mother’s conservatorship go terribly wrong?

When people ask me about the circumstances surrounding the painful story of my mother’s probate conservatorship — where the man appointed by a judge to manage my mother’s finances and daily life inflicted financial and mental abuse on her — there’s one question I always encounter: How did this happen to your family?

When does a judge appoint a conservator or guardian?

(A conservator — sometimes called a guardian — is appointed by a judge when someone is no longer able to make financial or health decisions for themselves.) For several years prior to my father’s death, he was in charge of the household finances, managing most of the day-to-day tasks like grocery shopping and handling all the bills.

How do you become a conservator in California?

To become a conservator in California, either you must file a petition with the court and nominate yourself or another interested party can nominate you. Given the contentious nature of our family, we weren’t given any options to decide on a particular conservator.

How to file a petition for a conservator?

A petition for appointment of a temporary conservator is filed with this petition. That petition contains statements of who engaged petitioner, how petitioner was engaged to file this petition, and a description of any prior relationship petitioner had with the (proposed) conservatee or his or her family and friends.

How to file for conservatorship in Sacramento CA?

Petition for Conservatorship (Step 1) Superior Court of California, County of Sacramento Probate (Revised August 25, 2016) Page 1 of 2 www.saccourt.ca.gov PETITION FOR CONSERVATORSHIP INSTRUCTIONS (STEP 1) Petition for Conservatorship (Step 1) Review the Handbook for Conservators before completing these forms.

What are the different types of conservatorships?

A conservator can be a relative, spouse, close personal friend, neighbor, or even a professional caretaker who wishes to care for the conservatee. There are two types of conservatorships: (1) a conservatorship of the person, and (2) a conservatorship of the estate.

How to file a capacity declaration for conservatorship?

A Capacity Declaration—Conservatorship (form GC-335), executed by a licensed medical practitioner or an accredited religious practitioner is filed with this petition. will be filed before the hearing. (initial appointment of conservator only) is not the petitioner, is out of state, and will not attend the hearing.