Why are there so many school counselors in Pennsylvania?

Why are there so many school counselors in Pennsylvania?

This report is designed to educate and empower school counselors acroos Pennsylvania as they advocate for the intestment in school counselign positions and programs in our K-12 education system. It will serve as an annual reference point for the numbers and ratios of school counselors employed in Pennsylvania.

How long is an instructional specialist certificate valid in Pennsylvania?

No. Pennsylvania certificates are not renewable. An Instructional I or Educational Specialist I is valid for a maximum of 6 service years in Pennsylvania. If not converted before the end of the applicable service period, the certificate becomes lapsed or invalid.

What do you need to become a school counselor in PA?

Approved programs have varying admission requirements; a bachelor’s degree in education is not always required for admission. To earn school counselor licensure in Pennsylvania, follow these steps: Complete 300 hours of supervised internship. Pass the Praxis Professional School Counselor Exam.

Are there benefits for leaving Pennsylvania public school?

If you are an active contributing member of PSERS who terminates all Pennsylvania public school employment, a benefit is likely available to you. Shown below is a chart to help you determine what benefit may be available:

Who is the Pennsylvania school counselor of the year?

And it’s made the work of our school counselors and psychologists that much more vital. Lezlie DelVecchio-Marks – a member in the Shaler Area School District – was recently recognized as the Pennsylvania School Counselor of the Year by the Pennsylvania School Counselors Association (PSCA).

Can a teacher be disciplined under the PSPC Act?

With respect to non-criminal conduct, the Act provides that the PSPC shall discipline any teacher found guilty of immorality, incompetency, intemperance, cruelty, negligence or for violation of the Act of May 29, 1931, which penalizes the illegal use of a professional title and the forgery or alteration of a teaching certificate. (24 P.S. §1231).

What is the probationary period for a tenured teacher?

A tenured teacher in a school district or BOCES who obtains employment in another district will now have a three year probationary period, provided the teacher did not receive an ineffective in their last year at the prior school.

How does the professional educator Discipline Act work?

The Professional Educator Discipline Act. While the Code identifies the ethical responsibilities and commitments that a teacher accepts upon certification, the actual contours of the professional educator discipline system are established in the Professional Educator Discipline Act (Act) (24 P.S. §2070.1a et seq.).