Who was the security guard that walked out of the mall?

Who was the security guard that walked out of the mall?

Officials say a recently dismissed security guard has released dozens of hostages and walked out of a Philippine shopping mall, ending a daylong hostage crisis Catch up on the developing stories making headlines.

Is it difficult to interview for a security guard job?

Anything is better than nothing. Interview for a security guard position does not belong to difficult job interviews. You will compete with only a few other people for the job, and you won’t face many difficult questions. Nevertheless, you still have to show the hiring managers the right attitude to work, and the right personality for this job.

Where do security guards typically do long shifts?

Properties in distant or hard to reach locations are places where security guards typically do long shifts. Anyway, when they ask you about long shifts, the chances are high that such shifts belongs to the job.

Why do you want to be a security guard?

Security officer happens to sound like a good choice, and you decided to give it a shot. When things get better again, you may look for something else–even with their company. Q 2: How would you characterize the main responsibility of a security guard?

What should a security guard do after a crisis?

After a crisis, a security guard should report the incident to his supervisor, the police or the appropriate authorities (such as the fire services in the case of a fire outbreak ). This way, further steps would be taken to avert a future recurrence.

What should I do if a security guard tells me to stop taking pictures?

Krages advises those hassled by security guards to threaten to call law enforcement. If it’s an actual police officer who’s telling you to stop shooting, ask to speak to a superior. And remember–you never have a legal duty to delete pictures you’ve taken. More importantly, we need better education among security guards and law enforcement.

When to call the police for a security guard?

During some very dangerous situations ( such as armed robbery attacks or assaults with deadly weapons ), a security guard may be unable to handle the situation. In that case, he would need some help, and he should waste no time in calling the police. By getting help this way, loss of lives or property would be averted. 6. Checking and monitoring