Who is the Milwaukee city attorney?

Who is the Milwaukee city attorney?

Attorney Tearman Spencer
MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — City Attorney Tearman Spencer says change is a reason why a number of employees have left his office.

Who is the LA city district attorney?

George Gascón
The current district attorney (DA) is George Gascón. Some misdemeanor crimes are prosecuted by local city attorneys.

What is city attorney’s office?

The city attorney is the attorney representing the municipality. Unlike a district attorney or public defender, who usually handles criminal cases, a city attorney generally handles civil cases, advising the city on legal matters and representing it in court.

Who is Tearman Spencer?

Spencer was elected to his post in April 2020, defeating incumbent City Attorney Grant Langley, who had held the position for 37 years. Spencer told the Finance and Personnel Committee on Wednesday that the deputies direct assistant city attorneys’ work and the chief of staff runs the office.

Who is the Long Beach city attorney?

Doug Haubert
Long Beach City Prosecutor Doug Haubert.

Can the mayor fire the City Attorney?

Generally speaking, then, the City Attorney is an employee at will as much as any other city employee. Since your Charter gives the mayor the right to appoint the city attorney, only the mayor can remove him/her.

Why would a City Attorney call me?

The DA is required to call you under the Victim Bill of Rights because this is a domestic violence case. They could get in trouble if they did not do so. They have to send you a victim impact statement, get your position on the case, find out…

Can you sue the city for pothole damage Los Angeles?

If you notice a dangerous pothole in your neighborhood the first thing that you should do is submit a “service request”. This can be done online, by phone, or with the Los Angeles Information App, MyLA311. However, when the damage has already occurred and your vehicle is afflicted you may consider compensation.