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Who is responsible for running a residents group?

Who is responsible for running a residents group?

The committee of a residents’ group is responsible for steering the group, doing the day-to-day work between meetings and for making sure that its’ aims are followed. The committee will need to hold its own meetings to organise work; this is usually done on a monthly basis between general meetings.

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What do you need for a residents group?

Your residents’ group will need to have a constitution (a statement of purpose and a set of rules) so that everybody knows what its aims and objectives are and how it is going to achieve them. A model constitution is provided which you can adapt for your own use (see appendix ).

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Can a resident of one state work in another?

Can I be a resident of one state and work in another? Yes, if you still consider yourself a Texas resident and are there for work, you would file a nonresident return for the income that you earned in Arizona. You can use whichever address where you get your mail.

When to file as a resident in two states?

Filing as a resident in two states should be avoided whenever possible. States where you are a resident have the right to tax ALL of your income. This is regardless of where it was earned.

What to do with less than two years in residency?

With less than two years left in residency, it’s hard to really advocate for that. The second is to cut everything else in their lives to allow them to afford the house. There go the piano lessons, the restaurants, the vacations, the school clothes etc.