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Which is the highest paying job for women?

Which is the highest paying job for women?

10 Highest Paying Jobs for Women 2021 1. Pharmacist, $98,904 ($126,120) Pharmacists are responsible for much more than just filling prescriptions. For one… 2. Nurse Practitioner, $87,464 ($113,390) One of the highest paying positions is also one of the fastest-growing. The… 3. Lawyer, $82,680 …

Why do women make less money than men?

Another reason for the pay discrepancy is that females are more willing to earn less in exchange for workplace flexibility. This is probably because they are starting families. In any case, there are still terrific jobs to be had, and women are making great strides in landing them.

What’s the wage gap between men and women?

Although women are still underrepresented in the best paying careers, the proverbial glass ceiling is far more fragile than it was a few decades ago. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, females’ earnings were 62 percent that of males’ in 1979.

What kind of jobs are available for women?

In addition to delivering babies, certified nurse midwives, or CNMs, provide women’s health care, prenatal care and family planning services. They often assist surgeons during cesarean births. Advanced practice registered nurses, known as APRNs, wear a number of hats.

What kind of salary do women get paid?

Source: All salary data provided by online salary database Salaries listed are median, annual salaries for full-time employees of each gender at all years of experience and include any bonuses, commissions or profit sharing.

How to negotiate a higher salary for women?

Or if higher salary is off the table, perhaps longer vacation time, educational expenses or moving costs could be negotiated. 4. Always ask. Research shows that men are up to four times more likely than women to negotiate their salary offers.

What’s the average salary of a female engineer?

Female Median Annual Salary: $72,300. Male Median Annual Salary: $71,500. Systems engineering is hot right now, especially in technology hubs such as Silicon Valley. Many engineers hold undergraduate degrees in computer science or math and work for a variety of companies and may have flexible schedules.

How much does a manager make per year?

per year The average salary for a manager is $56,023 per year in the United States and $10,000 cash bonus per year.