Which is the best definition of work tolerance?

Which is the best definition of work tolerance?

Work tolerance is an employee’s capability to perform their job for a given time period without negatively impacting the output and quality levels they produce. It is also the capacity to maintain such efforts without any adverse effects on the employee’s general psychological…

How is tolerance used in the manufacturing industry?

Tolerance. The concept of tolerance is most widely used in the machine-building industry, where tolerances are established to ensure the necessary product quality and the interchangeability of machine parts or entire units. Tolerance defines the lev^l of precision required in the manufacture of parts.

How is the size of a tolerance determined?

Tolerances are indicated in the standards and technical specifications or on the drawings for manufactured objects in the form of two limit sizes (maximum and minimum), between which lies the actual sizeā€”that is, the size determined by measurement (Figure 1).

What makes a person have a high tolerance level?

5. 2. endurance, resistance, stamina, fortitude, resilience, toughness, staying power, hardness, hardiness She has a high tolerance for pain. 3. resistance, immunity, resilience, non-susceptibility Your body will build up a tolerance to most drugs.

Do you have a low or high risk tolerance?

It is conventional wisdom that a younger investor has a long-term time horizon in terms of the need for investments and can take more risk. Following this logic, an older individual has a short investment horizon, especially once that individual is retired, and would have a low-risk tolerance.

When is it time to change your risk tolerance?

If the time horizon is relatively short, risk tolerance should shift to be more conservative. For long-term investments, there is room for more aggressive investing. Be careful, however, about blindly following conventional wisdom when it comes to risk tolerance and asset classes.

What do you mean by tolerance in engineering?

Tolerance refers to the total allowable error within an item. This is typically represented as a +/- value off of a nominal specification. Products can become deformed due to changes in temperature and humidity, which lead to material expansion and contraction, or due to improper feedback from a process control device.

What kind of investor has a high risk tolerance?

An aggressive investor, or one with a high risk tolerance, is willing to risk losing money to get potentially better results. A conservative investor, or one with a low risk tolerance, favors investments that maintain his or her original investment. Many investment websites offer free online questionnaires to help you assess your risk tolerance.