Where was the case of D V D heard?

Where was the case of D V D heard?

[1] This appeal is against the whole of the judgment of the Regional court for the Regional Division of Gauteng, held at Randburg, (‘the regional court’), in which that court dismissed the rescission application (‘the rescission application’), with costs under case number GPRANRC 234/2012.

Who is the respondent in D V D?

[11] The respondent opposed the rescission application and a full set of affidavits was filed by the parties. It is unnecessary to refer to the technicalities which arose from the appellant’s affidavits in the rescission application.

Are there any children in D V D?

There were no children relevant to the divorce proceedings. The parties had not lived together as husband and wife since 14 December 2009, and both parties sought an order of divorce. This much was made clear by the respondent in person at the appeal hearing.

What are the Special pleas in D V D?

[8] The appellant filed a plea incorporating various special pleas, a plea to the merits and a counterclaim for a divorce, division of the joint estate, forfeiture by the respondent of the patrimonial benefits of the marriage in their entirety and costs.

Is the d.v.act derogatory from any other law?

Section 26 of the D.V. Act provides that any relief available under Sections 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22 may also be sought in any legal proceeding before a Civil Court, Family Court or Criminal Court. 7. Section 36 provides that the D.V. Act shall be in addition to, and not in derogation of the provisions of any other law for the time being in force.

Is it legal to make a false d.v.complaint?

In 32 years of criminal defense law practice, I have neither seen nor heard of even one person prosecuted for making a false D.V. complaint. People who like to use false D.V. complaints as “payback” for some grievance, grudge or emotional hurt, have total functional immunity for doing so.

Why do prosecutors not drop d.v.charges?

Because it is well known that battered women will defend their abusers, prosecutors have a wide-spread policy of not dropping D.V. charges no matter what the “victim” says. If she or he confesses that the D.V. report was a lie born of anger and rage, they assume otherwise and continue prosecuting.

What does section 22 of the Domestic Violence Act mean?

Section 22 provides that the Magistrate may pass an order directing the respondent to pay compensation and damages for the injuries, including mental torture and emotional distress, caused by the acts of domestic violence perpetrated by the respondent. 6.