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Where to find an estate attorney after death?

Where to find an estate attorney after death?

You can check with the bank where the deceased had his or her accounts – the will may be stored in a safe deposit box. You can also check with the attorney who handled taxes and other matters for the deceased. If you still come up empty, you can contact an experienced estate attorney to continue the search for a valid will.

What happens to an estate after a power of attorney?

A previous power of attorney does not give you the power to handle the estate after the death of your loved one. The only person who has that power is the individual named as the executor or the personal representative. That individual will be named and appointed by the court.

Do you have to open a probate estate?

In most cases, the answer to this question will be yes. Many people erroneously believe that they will not need to open a probate estate, but this is rarely the case. If you fail to open a probate estate, you could be liable for taxes and other claims.

What happens to an estate after the death of a loved one?

The death of a loved one is always hard, but the difficulty of handling the estate can make an already difficult situation that much worse. Dealing with the complexities of the estate, closing the financial affairs of a deceased loved one and handling the taxes due can really put a strain on your emotions.

Who is in charge of Probate for my father?

An attorney is in charge of the probate and waiting for all bills to come in before settling the estate. I cared for my father for the past two years without help from anyone else in my family.

Do you have a claim against your father’s estate?

You very well may have a claim against the estate. Given that your family and the probate attorney are not forthcoming, we would recommend that you do retain an attorney to represent you. In all likelihood, given the size of your father’s estate, you will not get everything you are due, but without an attorney it sounds like you might get nothing.

When to see an estate attorney after death?

The days and weeks following the death of a loved one can seem like a blur. The grieving process is difficult enough, but there will also be a funeral to plan, relatives to notify and financial issues to handle. Meeting with an estate attorney as soon as possible can ease your burden and make a difficult time easier to bear.

What is the new probate law in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts uniform probate code: a new law effecting inheritance, wills, trusts and estate administration, Douglas Peterson, 2013. Helpful information on surviving spouses, spousal share, and disinheriting children under the new law.