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Where is the first Veterans Court in Georgia?

Where is the first Veterans Court in Georgia?

The first veterans’ court in the state opened in Forsyth, Georgia and if successful will be replicated around the state. Report of Veterans Arrested and Booked into the Travis County Jail. (July 2009). Travis County Veteran`s Intervention Project.

What can you do in a veteran’s court?

Substance abuse or mental health treatment is offered as an alternative to incarceration. Typically, veteran mentors assist with the programs. An important issue that has to be addressed is the eligibility for veteran’s courts in terms of whether charges involving felonies or crimes of violence will be allowed.

Do you have to be certified for Veterans Court in Indiana?

Indiana Veteran’s courts and all other problem solving courts are required to be certified by the Indiana Judicial Center. Fayette County Treatment Court Guide for Attorneys and Staff. (June 2013). This guide provides information on eligibility, referral process, and scheduling of hearings.

Are there veterans courts in the United States?

Focus: Veterans’ Courts. (February 2009). Gavel to Gavel. A review of state legislation dealing with veterans’ courts. McGuire, J. Clark, S., Blue-Howells, J. Coe, C. An Inventory of VA involvement in Veterans Courts, Dockets and Tracks.

What is the Criminal Division in Fayette County KY?

The District Criminal/Traffic Division is the largest division in the Fayette County Office of Circuit Court Clerk and provides the following services: Collects fines and court costs for prepayable citations, which can be made by calling 1-877-211-1587 Processes and releases liens on property bonds

How many veterans are in the state of Kentucky?

We work every day to make sure Kentucky’s 295,000 veterans and their families receive all the benefits and services they have earned.

When is national Vietnam Veterans Day in Kentucky?

On April 12th, The leadership staff of KDVA had the pleasure of hosting a virtual event to spread awareness of who we are and what we do. Please take a moment to watch the video to see what programs we offer that may assist you. For a Better Kentucky. Monday is National Vietnam Veterans Day.

Is the juvenile court system confidential in Kentucky?

All juvenile cases are confidential by Kentucky statute. Information about these cases will only be given in person to a party in the case or those authorized by statute. No information will be given out over the phone.