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Where is Broken Arrow located in the state of Oklahoma?

Where is Broken Arrow located in the state of Oklahoma?

Broken Arrow is located in the northeastern corner of Oklahoma. The city is part of the state’s Green Country region known for its green vegetation, hills and lakes. Green Country is the most topographically diverse portion of the state with seven of Oklahoma’s 11 eco-regions.

Where did the Bever family die in Oklahoma?

The Bevers were found stabbed to death inside their Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, home late last Wednesday evening after one of their sons, who later died, called 911 to report that his older brothers were attacking him.

What was the population of Broken Arrow in 1970?

The Broken Arrow Expressway (Oklahoma State Highway 51) was constructed in the mid-1960s and connected the city with downtown Tulsa, fueling growth in Broken Arrow. The population swelled from a little above 11,000 in 1970 to more than 50,000 in 1990, and then more than 74,000 by the year 2000.

When did Broken Arrow State School of Agriculture close?

The Haskell State School of Agriculture opened in the Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Opera House on November 15, 1909. The school closed in 1917 for lack of funding, and the building was then used as Broken Arrow High School. The building was razed in 1987.

Who is the city manager of Broken Arrow OK?

City Manager Michael Spurgeon presents the April 2021 edition of Broken Arrow in Motion. It’s the time of year in Oklahoma when everything is green. However, if your green waste isn’t disposed of correctly, it can cost you.

Where is the Senior Center in Broken Arrow?

However, if your green waste isn’t disposed of correctly, it can cost you. Officials from the City of Broken Arrow, together with Broken Arrow Seniors, Inc., broke ground April 13 on the new Senior Center Annex, located at 1811 S. Main St., across the street from the original Senior Center facility, which opened in 1988.

When is the Broken Arrow city council meeting?

The City of Broken Arrow will begin holding meetings via videoconferencing April 7. Broken Arrow residents, like others across the country, aren’t just battling COVID-19, but are often struggling to find necessities—like toilet paper. We understand the challenge, but please resist the temptation to flush ANYTHING except toilet paper.

When is Albany Street closed in Broken Arrow?

Albany Street, from 23rd Street North to North 37th Street, will be closed beginning Monday, May 24 at 7 a.m., due to the start of Phase I of the Albany Street Widening Project. City of Broken Arrow Recycling Inspector Marquis Jones explains how, when, and where to place your recycling and trash carts on the curb for pickup.