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Where did the idea of Sure Start come from?

Where did the idea of Sure Start come from?

Sure Start originated in the late 1990s to provide a key service to families in the most deprived local government wards according to the Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD), (Whitely, 2008).

Is there any evidence that Sure Start works?

But 12 years after the first Sure Start centres opened, one leading academic who was part of the government’s official evaluation of the scheme says there is still no clear evidence it has helped children.

What was the problem with the Sure Start programme?

One major problem, he says, was that ministers ignored calls for a properly controlled evaluation of the programme – in which children would have been randomly assigned to a Sure Start or a non-Sure Start group. He accuses Labour of deliberately ignoring the possibility the programme might not work:

Is the government still committed to Sure Start?

Despite the question mark that still hangs over the evidence for Sure Start, the coalition government has underlined its commitment to keeping it – though it has handed control of funding to local authorities, some of which have decided to make cuts.

Can a lawyer handle a difficult opposing counsel?

Every lawyer who has practiced long enough, especially in litigation, must have met an opposing counsel who made his or her job difficult. A difficult opposing counsel is every legal practitioner’s nightmare. Even judges dread the thought of presiding over matters involving a difficult lawyer. Their fears are understandable.

Do you have to respond when opposing counsel goes dark?

If considering that approach, a lawyer should document their repeated efforts at contact and warning of the consequence of a nonresponse. Keep in mind, however, that unless mandated by law or court order, no ethics rule specifies that attorneys have to respond to other attorneys.

When do you get sucked into an adversarial relationship?

It’s easy to get sucked into an adversarial relationship when the system is by its nature adversarial and opposing counsel is approaching you as a competitor. Remember, opposing counsel isn’t the problem; it’s the tactics they are employing that are problematic.

Is the opposing counsel’s office late delivering mail?

It could happen, especially if opposing counsel’s office also happens to have late mail delivery, but there is a reason you pay extra for overnight service, and even “priority mail” takes two days or more. Most of the time Tuesday’s mail will not be completely organized and put into the trucks for delivery until Thursday.