Where can I find list of legal opinions?

Where can I find list of legal opinions?

Special Report on the Preparation of Substantive Consolidation Opinions Committee on Structured Finance and the Committee on Bankruptcy and Corporate Reorganization of The Association of the Bar of the City of New York, 64 The Business Lawyer, 411 (2009)

What is third-party legal opinion customary practice in Florida?

Report on Third-Party Legal Opinion Customary Practice in Florida by the Legal Opinion Standards Committee of the Florida Bar Business Law Section and the Legal Opinions Committee of the Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section of the Florida Bar (December 3, 2011)

What is the New York State Bar Association ethics opinion?

For instance, In its Opinion 725 (1998), the New York County Lawyers’ Association Committee on Professional Ethics said: Although Inquirer no longer represents private clients, he still is subject to ethical restraints on the length of time he should keep former clients’ documents and on the manner of their disposal.

Where can I find a statement of opinion?

Statement of Opinion Practices Materials, 74 The Business Lawyer 801 (2019) (See Multi-Bar Group Reports – Statement of Opinion Practices and Related Materials)

Can a law firm avoid liability for an opinion letter?

Two recent cases in the Massachusetts Superior Court illustrate this trend and provide some helpful guidance for transactional and litigation attorneys in large law firms seeking to avoid liability. In National Bank of Canada v. Hale & Dorr, LLP2 the Bank agreed to provide a Borrower with a credit facility in the amount of $55 million.

What should be included in an opinion letter?

Lastly, the opinion letter listed twenty-seven items that the Law Firm examined for the purposes expressed in the letter, including “such… documents, instruments and certificates… as [the Defendant Law Firm] considered necessary for the purposes of this opinion.” The Borrower defaulted on the loan and eventually filed for bankruptcy.

When did the attorney’s opinion letter come out?

Approximately nine months before the transaction closed and the opinion letter was issued, the Law Firm had undertaken to represent West Lynn in connection with a criminal grand jury investigation. Several months after the closing criminal charges were filed, initially against third parties, and later against West Lynn.

What are the rules for referring a lawyer?

We have seen that the New York Rule permits the referring lawyer to share in the fees either by assuming joint responsibility for the matter without contributing any services or by sharing in the services. In this respect, the Rule is the same as present ABA Model Rule 1.5 (e).