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Where are the abandoned drive in movie theaters?

Where are the abandoned drive in movie theaters?

Abandoned Drive-In Theater [Washington] This abandoned drive-in movie theater is located in the state of Washington. Drive-in theaters were extremely popular during the late ’50s and early ’60s, but unfortunately, many of them now look like this one, a drive-in graveyard.

When did the Skyline Drive-in movie theater close?

The Skyline Drive-in is a single screen drive-in movie theater that was opened in 1956. Like many drive-ins, it closed in the late 1980’s but found n… more about Skyline Drive-in

When did Calvert Drive in in Calvert KY open?

The Calvert Drive-in opened during the early days of America’s drive-in boom back in 1953. It has been opened ever since. It is a single screen thea… more about Calvert Drive-in The Skyline Drive-in is a single screen drive-in movie theater that was opened in 1956.

Where are the drive in theaters in Kentucky?

It is located in Mount Sterling, Kentucky which is located about 30 miles east of Lexin… more about Judy Drive-in The Highway 27 Drive-in came late to the party opening in 1967. They are located in Somerset, Kentucky which is not far from Cumberland Lake which is… more about 27 Twin Drive-in

What can you do with an old gas station?

Pizza shops are a popular reuse of old gas stations. being used by other businesses–auto repair is a popular repurposing, but they run the gamut from thrift stores to funeral homes. Others are vacant but still reusable. And some are just plain falling apart.

What’s the name of the old gas station?

Travaux de peinture façade en bois +nettoyage de toiture + nettoyage de comble. click on images for larger size Time to go back and pay another visit to Dave Gelina’s Flickr page of his collection of vintage Kodachorme (mostly) slides.

Are there any gas stations that are being preserved?

Small buildings and small lots, unresolved environmental issues, and a relentless push for standardization are all challenges to the continuing use of historic gas station properties. Across the United States, however, gas stations are slowly being rediscovered for their historic significance.

Where are the old gas stations on Route 66?

A self-described, Route 66 “tourist trap.” Thermopolis, WY. This well-kept, classic station needs an occupant. Clayton, GA. Harry Norman Realty, a real beauty! Charlottte NC. Fuel Pizza Cafe. Holbrook, AZ. A rock shop. Wytheville, VA. Hickory House BBQ. Georgetown, SC. Auto Title Loans. Diamond, MO. This former station is being used as a residence.