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When to hire a lawyer to file a motion to terminate alimony?

When to hire a lawyer to file a motion to terminate alimony?

Hire a lawyer. It is imperative that you hire a lawyer if you are planning on filing a motion to terminate alimony. When you file a motion, you are asking the court to apply a certain set of laws to the facts of your case in order to come to a conclusion in your favor.

What happens when you file a motion in court?

When you file your motion, the court clerk will insert the date, time, and place of the hearing on your motion. You must then “serve” (mail) a copy of your filed motion (including all exhibits and the date, time, and place of hearing) to all other parties in the case.

What should be included in a motion to dismiss?

As part of your motion, you must submit a statement of undisputed facts to the court. Set out each undisputed fact separately in a separately numbered paragraph and refer to any evidence that supports that fact. You can refer to any evidence the court could consider if there were a trial.

How to oppose a motion filed by the other side?

Click to visit Lawyers and Legal Help. If you received a motion filed by the other side and need to file an opposition, click to visit Opposing a Motion Filed Against You for forms and information. Under the court’s rules, a motion must: This is called a “memorandum of points and authorities.”

When to file a motion to terminate child support?

A Motion to Terminate or Continue Child Support The new Child Support Termination law ( N.J.S.A. 2A:17-56.67 et seq .), effective February 1, 2017, allowed for the termination of a child support obligation by operation of law (automatically) for a dependent who has reached the age of 19.

What kind of motions can I file in court?

Some types of motions you can use this packet for are: • A motion to increase or decrease child support payments. • A motion to terminate or continue child support. • A motion to increase, decrease or terminate alimony or spousal support payments. • A motion to change the custody arrangements of a minor child.

When to file a motion for reconsideration in court?

A motion for reconsideration is used to request the court to reconsider a decision it has rendered within 20 days of a signed court order issued to you. A motion for reconsideration is filed in court and reviewed by the same judge who made the decision you are requesting to be changed.

What are cases that begin with the letter FM?

Definition of cases that begin with the letters FM, FD or FV: FM cases are defined as “dissolution” cases such as divorce from marriage, termination of a civil union, or the termination of a domestic partnership. FD cases

When do I want to end my alimony payments?

If you are the one making payments, you might explain that you have lost your job or that alimony payments are no longer necessary because your ex-spouse is remarried. If you are the one receiving payments, you may want to end alimony payments if you are living with another person or were recently married to someone else.

How can I terminate my spousal support order?

Obtain the required court forms. Most courts around the U.S. will have fill in the blank forms you can use to ask for a modification to your existing spousal support order. Your lawyer may use these forms or he or she may draft their own motion asking for alimony termination.

Do you have to pay a alimony filing fee?

Your paperwork needs to be filed with the same court that handled your divorce and any other alimony modifications in the past. When you file your paperwork, you may have to pay a filing fee with the clerk. If you cannot afford the fee, you may be able to get it waived.

When does a court terminate an alimony award?

Rather than merely modifying an alimony award, courts may instead terminate alimony payments. One ground for termination is remarriage. In fact, most states often automatically terminate an alimony obligation upon remarriage of the recipient spouse. EXAMPLE: Elizabeth and Samuel parted ways after 10 years of marriage.

When to seek modification or termination of alimony?

Tydings, 349 A.2d 462 (D.C. 1975) when a man wanted to retire at age 55, the court did not see that decision as a valid reason to reduce his alimony obligation to his ex-wife. Regardless of the reason for seeking a modification of alimony, however, the party must be acting in good faith in order for the court to make the change.

Can a court in Oregon hear an alimony modification?

Since the Oregon court heard the divorce proceeding, including the decision as to the amount of alimony for Nola, the Oregon court would maintain jurisdiction to hear any proceeding to modify the alimony award. Courts also have varying ways of administering these modifications. In California:

When does an ex spouse no longer need alimony?

Additionally, the ex-spouse could no longer need alimony if there is an increase in finances via an improved work situation or some other financial windfall. See, e.g., Carter v. Carter, 584 P.2d 904 (Utah 1978).