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When does the H4 EAD rule come into effect?

When does the H4 EAD rule come into effect?

But that changed with the H4 Visa EAD rule that was effective from May 26, 2015. H4 EAD (Employment Authorization Document) essentially gives H4 visa holders the ability to work in the US, if they qualify based on certain conditions.

What does EAD stand for on h4 visa?

But that changed with H4 Visa EAD rule that was effective from May 26, 2015. EAD stands for Employment Authorization Document (EAD) and H4 EAD essentially gives H4 holders the ability to work in US, if they qualify for EAD based on certain conditions.

Can a H-4 child apply for an EAD?

Children who hold H-4 status, even those who are old enough to work, are not eligible to apply for employment authorization under the new rule. The first category of H-4s who will be eligible to request EADs is fairly straightforward. All that is required is that the H1B spouse be the beneficiary of an approved immigrant petition (I-140 form).

Can a person file for a H4 EAD renewal?

As of now, you can file for H4 EAD, if you satisfy any of the above two conditions. But, this may change in the future as there is a lawsuit going on to remove H4 EAD along with DHS having a rulemaking in process to remove H4 EAD. Check H4 EAD Rule Removal – Lawsuit, Court Updates

What documents are needed for a H4 visa EAD?

To apply for H4 visa EAD, applicants must submit all of the required documents for H4 EAD along with their application. Some of the documents required to apply for H4 EAD include Form I-765, H4 visa EAD fees, and evidence of the H4 visa holder’s relationship to H1B spouse.

Does a H4 EAD work full time?

H4 visa EAD holder can work full time or part time for any employer in any position or in any field. Of course, if H4 visa EAD holder chooses not to work, that is absolutely fine too.

What do you need to know about H4 Employment Authorization?

H-4 spouses may apply through Form I-765 Application for Employment Authorization, commonly referred to as H4 EAD. What is an H-4 EAD? In order for the spouse of an H-1B visa holder to legally work, he or she must obtain the H-4 Employment Authorization for Dependent Spouses visa. Otherwise, he or she will only be able to reside within the U.S. with their employed H-1B holding spouse.

Does H4 EAD valid after I-140 is revoked?

If you have already received your H-4 EAD and your spouse’s I-140 is revoked, then your employment authorization will remain valid until it expires. When you reach the end of your H-4 EAD validity period, you will only be able to renew it if your spouse has an approved I-140.