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When does the grace period at the end of your OPT period begin?

When does the grace period at the end of your OPT period begin?

The grace period ends when you depart the U.S., or no later than 60 days (or 30 days for J-1) after the end of the I-20 or your EAD card (if on OPT), whichever comes first.

When does the grace period for opt expire?

If F-1 students who get an extension on their OPT employment based on the cap-gap relief, have their H1 B petition withdrawn or denied before the start of 1st October H-1B employment date, the student would have 10 days of employment authorization after the date of withdrawal or denial and 60 days to depart the U.S. or change status.

Can a 60 day grace period be applied for F-1?

The 60-day grace period does not apply to an F-1 student whose accompanying change of status request is denied due to a status violation, misrepresentation, or fraud. In such cases, the F-1 student is ineligible for cap-gap extension of status and the 60-day grace period.

When to apply for opt ( Optional Practical Training )?

You can apply for OPT from 90 days before your end date, until 60 days after your end date. USCIS must receipt (not receive) your application no later than 60 days after your I-20 end date. Allow at least 10-14 days for USCIS to assign a receipt number. Your OPT start date can be between the day after your end date and 60 days after your end date.

What happens after the opt period is over?

Once you leave the country after completing your studies and OPT period, you will be deemed ineligible to re-enter with your current I-20. You can travel within the states and prepare to leave the US during this grace period. You must request a new I-20 if you wish to continue at the UW in a new degree program.

Is there a grace period after the OPT extension ends?

If you did not apply or are not eligible for OPT STEM Extension, you have a 60-day grace period after your OPT expires to prepare for departure, or change to another status. You might be eligible for a Cap-Gap if you are changing to an H-1B visa with an October 1 start date.

Can I start working before getting opt?

No! Working before OPT has been authorized by USCIS constitutes illegal employment that will jeopardize your legal status in the United States.

Can you change the start date of opt?

Generally speaking it is very difficult to change the OPT start date once your application has been submitted to USCIS. Students will need to contact USCIS at the customer service number on their receipt notice to discuss the option to change their OPT start date.

What happens when opt expires?

If your OPT expires before your priority date becomes current, so you are unable to file the I-485 by then, you will have to leave the US and apply for an immigrant visa instead of adjustment of status. You cannot file for adjustment of status once you are out of status.