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When did Baxter buy out Hyland and Fenwal?

When did Baxter buy out Hyland and Fenwal?

In addition, Baxter made several important acquisitions during the decade, including Hyland Laboratories of Los Angeles in 1952, as well as Flint, Eaton and Company and Fenwal Laboratories of Boston in 1959.

Who is the parent company of Baxter Laboratories?

In a series of acquisitions, the company bought American Instrument Company and Surgitool in 1970, Vicra Sterile Products in 1974, and Clinical Assays in 1976. That year, Baxter shareholders voted to adopt the name Baxter Travenol for the parent company, with Travenol Laboratories as the major domestic operating subsidiary.

How many countries does Baxter have in the world?

That year, the company also established its international division, which later was divided into two separate divisions, Travenol Europe and the Americas-Pacific Division, both of which established manufacturing facilities in 17 countries and distributed products in more than 100 countries.

Where did Baxter make their first human plasma?

1950: Our second U.S. manufacturing facility opened in Cleveland, Mississippi. Two years later, we became the first U.S. company to make commercially available human plasma following our acquisition of Hyland Laboratories. 1954: We went international, opening an office in Belgium.

When did Baxter become a leader in inhaled anesthetics?

1998: Our acquisition of Ohmeda’s Pharmaceutical Products Division made Baxter a leader in inhaled anesthetics. That same year, we introduced the first triple-chamber flexible container for total parenteral nutrition and gained approval for our TISSEEL product, the first fibrin sealant in the U.S.

Who is Meredith Baxter from family ties married to?

In 2013, Meredith got married to the love of her life, Nancy, in an intimate ceremony graced by close acquaintances, and the two have enjoyed a blissful union to date. The decision to get married to her partner didn’t come easy to the “Family Ties” actress, who spent years battling her fears of coming out as gay.

What did Baxter do to become a Fortune 500 company?

1970: We introduced VIAFLEX, the first flexible, plastic IV container. This medical breakthrough allowed infusions within a closed system, which reduced the chance for contamination. 1971: Our company joined the Fortune 500 list of the largest American corporations.

When did Baxter start making IV’s for patients?

Innovation is at our core. For more than 85 years, we’ve been focused on saving and sustaining lives and elevating patient care. 1930s: Our First Decade of Innovation 1931: Drs. Ralph Falk and Don Baxter launched the Don Baxter Intravenous Products Corporation, the first commercial manufacturer of prepared IV solutions.