What wedding anniversary is 61 years?

What wedding anniversary is 61 years?

60th Wedding Anniversary The traditional gift to mark the sixtieth year is diamond.

What’s a 48th wedding anniversary?

There is one tradition that is associated with the 48th year wedding anniversary and that is optical goods. It’s more of a modern version of a themed gift and that means that you could buy your partner some new prescription glasses, sunglasses or a new pair to replace their old ones.

What is 20 years of being married?

What are the Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Each Year?

Anniversary Year Traditional Gift Modern Gift
19th Bronze
20th China Platinum
21st Brass/Nickel
22nd Copper

What is the 6 year of marriage?

Iron Anniversary Gifts
Iron Anniversary Gifts for a 6th Wedding Anniversary For the sixth year of marriage, iron is the traditional gift. It may seem a random material to make a gift out of it, but iron is an important metal, and its strength and unbreakable durability represent the irrevocable bond between a married couple.

What is 56 years of marriage called?

Wedding Anniversaries Gifts and Names by Year

Year Anniversary Name Modern Gift or Present
55th Emerald Emerald
60th Diamond Diamond
65th Blue Sapphire Blue Sapphire
70th Platinum Platinum

What is the gift for 6 years married?

The modern six-year wedding anniversary gift is wood, chosen for its remarkable resiliency. For even more inspiration, consider the year’s traditional colors (purple, white or turquoise), gemstone (amethyst) or flower (calla lily).

What is the traditional gift for 6 years of marriage?

Iron — the traditional sixth-anniversary gift material — might have more in common with your marriage than you think.