What to do when your employment with King County ends?

What to do when your employment with King County ends?

If your employment with King County ends due to a layoff, resignation, or dismissal, the following information will help guide you through the transition and tie up any loose ends. To view a printable copy of this information, go to the Leaving Employment Guide.

How many fire departments are in King County WA?

The King County, WA fire department directory includes 168 fire departments and fire stations ( MAP ). View detailed fire station information, including contact information, photos, maps, & more, by clicking the list of links below the map.

What happens to your King County insurance when you leave?

When your King County active employee coverage ends, you can extend coverage for yourself and your family for up to 18 months by paying the premiums through COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) as long as your employment ends for reasons other than gross misconduct.

What kind of taxes do I pay when I leave King County?

The value is subject to normal taxes and a 22% federal supplemental wage tax. The value will be paid to you automatically, unless you opt to contribute the funds to your King County Deferred Compensation Plan using the Leave Contribution Form. Decide how to handle your state retirement plan.

Who is the fire marshal for King County WA?

The King County Fire Marshal reminds residents that it is every individual’s responsibility to help prevent fires that destroy lives, property, and our wildland. For more information, visit the Department of Local Services Fire Marshal’s website.

Why are there burn bans in King County?

Fire safety burn bans are issued by King County Fire Marshal due to fire danger during dry weather conditions and there is low moisture in trees and vegetation. Outdoor burning in all of King County is affected Issued in cooperation with other county and state agencies

How to set off fireworks in King County WA?

1 Use only approved, legal fireworks from reliable Washington State and King County Fire Marshal licensed retailers. 2 You must be at least 16-years-old with picture identification to purchase fireworks. 3 Always have a responsible adult light all fireworks. 4 Have a charged garden hose or a fire extinguisher handy.