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What to do when your co-worker gossips about you?

What to do when your co-worker gossips about you?

When a co-worker sidles up to you bearing some gossip about an office romance or someone’s impending firing, respond with, “Really?” Then change the subject or get back to work. If you don’t respond, the gossiper will move on – and you’ll retain the trust and respect of your co-workers.

What did my boss say about my co-workers?

I even got a “warning” note left anonymously in my cubicle telling me to “mind my own business,” which was taken very seriously by admin, but mostly just gossiped about by staff. My boss has my back, and she’s taken everything very seriously. Every time, she says, “I totally have your back.

How to protect yourself from co-workers at Monster?

Protect yourself by documenting your work, recognizing when someone is going too far, and bringing in your manager or HR, if necessary. By commenting, you agree to Monster’s privacy policy, terms of use and use of cookies.

What to do when a co-worker lies to you?

When you’re faced with a lying co-worker, you need to stay cool and approach the situation with caution. Business News Daily talked to career experts about lying co-workers. Here’s how you should approach the situation so it doesn’t ruin your work environment. 1. Determine why they are lying. People lie for a lot of reasons.

What happens if your coworker lies to your boss?

My reputation with my boss is in shambles. I defended myself and told my boss that I never said those things, but she doesn’t believe me. My coworker has continued to lie and cause trouble so I’ve taken it to HR. From the looks of it, the boss still believes my lying coworker and it seems like I’ll never see justice for the wrongdoing.

How to stop a coworker from sabotaging your career?

Act, don’t react. Speak to your boss directly. Meet with your boss regularly. Confront your coworker. Remain positive. Document, document, document. Defend yourself without being defensive. Expect that your boss is not an idiot.

Is it normal to gossip about a new coworker?

It would be natural for you to gossip to someone about a new coworker’s bossiness if she were. And it could be that that someone, who heard you complain, might have made it a bit juicier and passed that along to other coworkers. From this distance, I don’t mean to do more than help you see how some complaints could be magnified into lies.

What’s the best way to deal with a coworker?

Don’t sit around and wait for your coworker to set the agenda. Right now you’re reacting to what she does, instead of taking control of what you do. Speak to your boss directly. Ask him what you need to do to be promoted.