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What states legalize cousin marriage?

What states legalize cousin marriage?


State First cousin marriage allowed First-cousin-once-removed marriage allowed
Alaska Yes Yes
Arizona Only if both parties are 65 or older, or one is infertile Yes
Arkansas No Yes
California Yes Yes

Is marrying your cousin legal in Texas?

Texas does not allow first cousins to marry in the state. They’re crossing two big hurdles to get married.

Can you go to jail for marrying your cousin?

Penal Code 285 PC – California Incest Laws. Penal Code 285 PC is the California statute that makes incest a criminal offense. Under this section, marriage or sexual relations between close relatives is a felony and a conviction is punishable by up to 3 years in jail.

Is it legal for a cousin to get married in another state?

Cousin marriage law in the United States. 1 Some states recognize marriages performed elsewhere, while other states do not. Cousin marriage laws in the United States vary considerably from one state to another, ranging from cousin marriages being legal in some to being a criminal offense in others.

Can a cousin get married in the state of Maine?

For instance, Arizona allows cousin marriages, but only if at least one spouse is unable to reproduce. In Maine, cousin marriages or relations may be considered a civil violation punishable by a slight fee.

What was the last state to ban cousin marriage?

Ohio, NH, NV, ND, SD, WA and WY banned the practice in the 1860s, and many more had enacted bans by the 1920s. The most recent state to ban cousin marriage was Texas in 2005.

Can a first cousin get married in North Carolina?

S. state of Maine allows first-cousin marriage if the couple agrees to have genetic counseling, while North Carolina allows it so long as the applicants for marriage are not rare double first cousins, meaning cousins through both parental lines.

What states can you marry your cousin?

According to the NCSL , cousin marriage is legal in: Alabama, Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina (in North Carolina, first-cousin marriage is legal, but double-cousin marriage is prohibited), Rhode Island, South Carolina,

What are the laws regarding marrying cousins?

Five states allow first cousins to marry if the cousins are of a certain age (50, 55, or 65); four of those states also allow cousin marriages if one cousin is unable to reproduce. In Maine, first-cousin marriage is allowed if the couple receives genetic counseling by a physician.

Is it legal to marry a first cousin in the US?

Map of US states where first cousin marriage is legal. In most states, it is illegal to marry someone of the same sex. In other states, it is legal to be married to your first cousin.

Is it safe to marry my second cousin?

In the United States, second cousins are legally allowed to marry in every state. What’s more, the genetic risk associated with second cousins having children is almost as small as it would be between two unrelated individuals.