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What should you do if your partner is an alcoholic?

What should you do if your partner is an alcoholic?

Although alcohol is readily available anywhere, as the partner of an alcoholic, not drinking in their presence is a simple yet powerful thing you can do to support their sobriety. When Should I Break Up With My Alcoholic Partner?

How did my husband get out of rehab?

Within a couple of hours of my husband returning from the Priory, I was in bed with a cruelly timed bout of food poisoning. No longer protected by the secure walls of the hospital – where the sound of a hastily shut door would have seemed rude – he was left to run the house.

Is it fun to be in a relationship with an alcoholic?

Dating a functional alcoholic can be fun at first because people who are high-functioning alcoholics tend to be the life of the party. Once you get to really know them, you likely recognize how serious their alcohol dependency is.

Is it true that my husband is still sober?

Three months have passed and my husband is still sober. It feels like a miracle, and I am incredibly proud of all that he has achieved. Things, however, have been far from plain sailing. On reflection, the last few weeks have been the toughest in our relationship.

What to do if your husband starts drinking again?

You may be able to fight them off for awhile but the will enviably rear their ugly head again. Some of the things that we would suggest is taking the access away. If the alcohol is not conveniently in the house he would have to go seek it out elsewhere. You can think about it in other terms.

Is it possible to stay sober when your partner still drinks?

But this change didn’t happen overnight. It took a lot of work on both of our parts to get to this point. However, there is one thing that has not changed—he still drinks alcohol. I get asked all the time how I stay sober with alcohol in my home.

What to do when your spouse relapses in alcohol?

It’s well known that your spouse may need to avoid stressful events, like funerals, in order to maintain their sobriety, as stress is most often the cause of relapse. However, celebratory events may also give your spouse the urge to drink.

Why did I tell my partner I was quitting alcohol?

When I first quit drinking alcohol, I remember being terrified to tell my partner. At the time, it felt like anxiety, but looking back, I know I was worried about judgement. Until then, much of our relationship revolved around alcohol.