What should I look for in a solitaire ring?

What should I look for in a solitaire ring?

Since solitaire rings make the diamond the star of the show, your bride-to-be will appreciate that you put more emphasis on the quality of her diamond. One way to help you narrow down the process is by breaking it down to the 4C’s of diamond buying: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.

How much does a solitaire diamond ring cost?

Read our full review of Leibish & Co. The price of a solitaire diamond ring can range from as little as $500 to $25,000 or potentially far more, depending on the size, shape, clarity, color and cut quality of the diamond.

What does it mean to wear a solitaire diamond?

So, she’s set on a solitaire. Solitaires are the most classic, iconic style of engagement ring. With a striking design that puts the diamond on full display, solitaire diamonds have symbolized engagement for many years, and their style stands strong no matter what’s trending in fashion.

Can a solitaire ring be used as a wedding band?

This is how sellers price and grade their diamonds and it’s also what will determine the cost. A solitaire leaves her choice of wedding band wide open. She may choose a band (or two) of diamonds or she may decide on an enhancer ring, which surrounds the solitaire with additional sparkle.

How many diamonds are in a white gold solitaire ring?

Any of these designs make perfect choices as engagement rings, wedding rings or anniversary gifts for your loved one. The diamond solitaire rings in our white gold collection are multi-stone stunners and use no less than 20 diamonds in addition to the stunning solitaire.

What do you need to know about solitaire engagement rings?

Solitaire engagement rings are fully customizable—choose your favorite stone shape, metal, and setting to create a heartfelt, handcrafted masterpiece that they’ll cherish for a lifetime. Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Can a diamond be set in a solitaire setting?

Your solitaire setting can be the perfect stage to spotlight the stone it holds. For a fancy or uncommon shaped diamond, like the oval, marquise or heart, the solitaire setting can focus attention of the unique qualities of the stone and cause it to stand out.

Is there a price slider for a solitaire ring?

The price slider is for the SETTING only. Solitaire engagement rings are comprised of a single center diamond or gemstone mounted in a simple setting. The solitaire ring is classic and elegant, a style to stand the test of time.