What should I expect during a supervisor interview?

What should I expect during a supervisor interview?

Supervisors are critical components within the company that ensure their employees are working efficiently and productively. Now let’s get you ready for the supervisor interview questions you should be ready for. These are the most common questions you’ll be likely to face specific to becoming a supervisor.

Do you compete with other people for the job of supervisor?

Supervisor is a popular job title, and you will always compete with other people in your interview. It can be five, ten, but also twenty job seekers–depending on the offer, and the company where you apply for the job.

What are the characteristics of a great supervisor?

Question 1: What characterize a great supervisor? Answer: A great supervisor can motivate their subordinates, they go by example, they have good observation skills, and they can utilize the strengths of the people they lead in their teams.

How to talk to a supervisor about a problem?

When speaking about other supervisors, minimize critical remarks. Speak in a non-judgmental manner, explaining how a judgment error or some such caused a problem. Nasty remarks will reflect poorly on you and your employee attitude. 4. More Resources on the Site:

What makes a supervisor a supervisor under the OHSA?

Under the OHSA, having either charge of a workplace, or authority over a worker, is sufficient for a person to be a supervisor. In any case, the person must have sufficient authority to carry out the duties in section 27 of the OHSA (described under What the OHSA Requires). If the person does not have such authority, s/he is not a supervisor.

Who is a supervisor under the Ministry of Labour?

Courts have recognized that a broad interpretation of the definition of supervisor increases responsibility over worker health and safety and furthers the purpose of the OHSA. A Ministry of Labour health and safety inspector arrived at a construction site and saw two workers climbing a scaffold without proper fall protection equipment.

Can a supervisor belong to a bargaining unit?

Whether or not a person should be considered a supervisor is based on job functions, not whether the term “supervisor” is in his or her job title. A supervisor for the purposes of the OHSA can belong to a bargaining unit. The following examples may provide additional guidance.

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