What should be included in an employee handbook UK?

What should be included in an employee handbook UK?

Here are some of the essential elements that should be included in an employee handbook below:


What should go in an employee handbook?

Thus, employee handbook should include information on:

  • Your company’s history, mission, vision and goals.
  • Your company’s core values and culture.
  • Human resources and legal information related to employment.
  • Your company’s policies.
  • Employee benefits and perks.

Is a verbal employment contract legally binding UK?

As a general rule, the law in the UK considers verbal contracts to be as legally binding as written ones, and therefore they do hold up in court. However, gathering the evidence to prove the terms of your contract is likely to be more complex and time-consuming compared to a written agreement.

Can You amend the contents of an employee handbook?

In your Employee Handbook, you should clearly state that the contents of the Employee Handbook do not form part of the terms of their Contract of Employment unless otherwise stated. In addition, it should state that you may need to amend any policy or procedure to ensure that it remains relevant.

What should be included in an employee handbook in the UK?

Employee handbooks are basically a company guideline on what an employee needs to do in various situations, such as sickness. It essentially keeps the employee happy and well-informed. But what should be included in an employee handbook in the UK?

Can you change employee handbook at the drop of a hat?

But can you change the Employee Handbook at the drop of a hat? The most significant benefit to the Employee handbook not being contractual is that it allows employers to vary its contents without requiring the formal consent of its employees.

When to include disciplinary policy in employee handbook?

Within two months of the employee starting employment, the employer should give the employee a written statement of Initial Employment Procedures. Details of disciplinary rules should be included. The policy itself should include:

Do you have to have an employee handbook in the UK?

No, having an employee handbook is not a legal requirement in the United Kingdom. You do however need to produce a principal statement of the main condtions of employment (Contract of Employment) for each employee within 8 weeks of their start date. This is legally binding.

Is the staff handbook available on the intranet?

Employers should ensure that their handbook is accessible to all their employees. For example, if the handbook is available only online, they will need to make sure that all their employees have access to the intranet.

Is the employee handbook Part of the contract?

The contract of employment is legally binding and so any element of that which is expanded upon in the handbook is likely to be deemed part of the contract (and so legally binding) for example: calculation of remuneration, annual leave entitlement etc. Therefore these should not be changed without appropriate consultation with the staff concerned.

Do you need a staff handbook for a SME?

This is a combined employment contract and staff handbook which contains all the information you need to provide to your new employee. It is fully compliant with employment law and best practice, covers permanent, fixed-term and zero-hours arrangements and is suitable for all SME’s even if you are only employing one person.