What kind of lawyer should I hire to represent my employer?

What kind of lawyer should I hire to represent my employer?

Employers: Selecting a Good Lawyer. Most lawyers who specialize in employment law will predominantly represent either employers or employees. Thus, an employee with a claim against his or her employer, will probably hire a “plaintiff’s lawyer” who usually represents employees in employment law matters.

When does an employer need an employment lawyer?

Here are a few situations when you should consider asking a lawyer to review your decision to fire: The worker has a written or oral employment contract that limits your right to fire (for more on employment contracts, see Nolo’s article Written Employment Contracts: Pros and Cons ).

Why do you need an attorney for an employment dispute?

Most attorneys representing employees do so because they understand that non-unionized employees are relatively powerless against employers. While you may be caught up in a serious employment dispute only once or twice in your lifetime, some larger employers and their attorneys handle many employment disputes every single day.

Which is the best Labor and employment law firm?

In fact, Morgan & Morgan has been recognized for filing more labor and employment cases than any other firm. If you believe you may have been the victim of unfair or illegal treatment in the workplace, contact us by completing our free case evaluation form.

Should I contact an employment lawyer?

If you are involved in an employment-related dispute, or if you need to ensure that you are in compliance with state or federal employment laws, you should contact a local employment lawyer for assistance. Your lawyer will help you understand the issue and will represent your best interests in resolving any legal disputes.

Should you hire workers comp lawyer?

Yes, you should hire a workers’ compensation lawyer to represent you and help you obtain benefits. While you are not required by law to have an attorney represent you, an experienced lawyer can be very valuable in your efforts to recover the compensation that you need.

How can employment law attorney help employees?

  • Explanation of Rights. An employment lawyer can help explain the client’s rights to him or her.
  • Compliance.
  • Filing of Complaint.
  • Litigation.
  • Wage and Hour Lawsuits.
  • Employment Discrimination Lawsuits.
  • Employment Class Actions.
  • Workers’ Compensation Claims.
  • Third Party Lawsuits.
  • Union Issues.

    How do you find employment lawyers?

    Contact your state bar association. If you are looking for an employment lawyer then a good place to start is by contacting your state or county bar association and asking for a referral. Many state bar associations, like the one in Texas, have a “Find a Lawyer” feature on its website.