What kind of farm did I grow up on?

What kind of farm did I grow up on?

In my early youth, I grew up on a farm where we had 33 cows, 18 we milked twice a day, 3 horses, some chickens, 60 acres of corn, hay and pasture. It was a farm that my maternal grandparents owned. There were barns, tractors, long hours and Sundays in church. We grew corn, hay and pasture.

Are there any true stories about the farm?

These true stories below are about personal encounters or memories of life on the farm when the writers were just knee-high to grasshoppers. Some are just simple farm stories where people are recounting their experiences and recalling memories, often quite humorously. These are ordinary people like you and me.

How many acres does the Drummond family own?

In its annual list of America’s 100 largest landowners, The Land Report reveals that as of 2016 the Drummond Family owns an astonishing 433,000 acres of property.

Who are the farm family of the year?

Sometimes when it’s snowing Growing up on a farm is one of the advantages of the lifestyle for Peter and Amy Gieseke, who were named the Watonwan County Farm Family of the Year. For instance, their three-year-old Carter learns from what he sees on the farm.

Who is the largest owner of farmland in the United States?

But thanks to some scrupulous digging by industry journal The Land Report, which tracks land ownership across the country, we now know that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has another feather in his multi hyphenated career cap: America’s Top Private Owner of Farmland.

How big is the Mills Ranch in Wyoming?

Located 15 miles west of Casper, Wyoming, the Mills Home Ranch consists of 19,944.56± deeded acres, 2,085.08± State of Wyoming lease acres, and 3,539.85± BLM lease acres for a total of approximately 25,569.49 acres. There are 506± acres of irrigated hay ground of which 232± acres are irrigated via…

What did my mom inherit when her mother died?

Her portfolio, however, wasn’t doing as well. In 1974, when her mother died, Mom had inherited a modest bundle of blue-chip stocks. Largely untouched, and with 40+ years of compounding, they’d grown to the point where some of the positions were more than 90% appreciation.

How much money does Bill Gates have in farmland?

Gates has spent years quietly diversifying his $129 billion fortune through asset manager Cascade Investments to include at least 224,000 acres of U.S. farmland since at least 2014, when the acreage was rapidly increasing in value.