What is the purpose of a DAV Service officer?

What is the purpose of a DAV Service officer?

Service officer purpose. DAV department service officers and chapter service officers provide one of the most important links in the organization. They are responsible for providing timely information about benefits that are available to veterans, their dependents and survivors.

Where to find DAV local offices and VA assistance?

Your Local DAV National Service Officer (NSO) will help you file a claim and stick with you all through the process, because no veteran should have to go at it alone. All services provided by DAV NSOs are free of charge. Military members separating from active duty should talk to a Transition Service Officer. Find your nearest TSO here.

Is the National Service office closed for Dav?

ANNOUNCEMENT – DAV Service Offices are closed until further notice in an effort to implement social distancing and reduce the transmission risk of COVID-19 Coronavirus. You can reach a service officer online by sending an email to the National Service Office in the state where you currently are residing.

Where can I find the DAV officer guide?

This Chapter Officer Guide is intended to help new officers get their feet on the ground and to act as a reference for those who’ve served for years. Additional information can be accessed online at Page 17 offers instructions on accessing this site.

Why was the service officer guide ( DAV ) created?

DAV was chartered by Congress in 1932 to work for the physical, mental, social and economic rehabilitation of wounded and disabled veterans and to obtain fair and just compensation, adequate and sympathetic medical care, and suitable gainful employment for those war veterans who had been disabled in the service of their country.

What does the DAV do for the VA?

DAV representatives conduct or participate in pre-discharge transition assistance briefings and review service medical records. The program also allows DAV to assist service members in the development of evidence, completion of required applications and prosecution of VA claims for benefits.

Who are the National Appeals officers of Veterans Affairs?

National Appeals Officers (NAOs)are accredited representatives of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Who is responsible for keeping DAV membership records?

The adjutant is responsible for the membership records and should make certain that they are kept up to date. Official membership records are kept by using the DAV Membership Activity Report (Figure 2), which is furnished by National Headquarters.