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What is the interest rate on back child support in Arizona?

What is the interest rate on back child support in Arizona?

10% interest per year
Arizona allows for interest on missed child support payments, retroactive support, and adjudicated arrears at a rate of 10% interest per year.

How are child support arrears handled in Arizona?

Child support is a state matter, so each state has the discretion to handle child support arrears according to its own laws. In Arizona, the state’s Division of Child Support Enforcement ( DCSE) has offered a settlement program to non-custodial parents since 2009.

Do you have to pay child support in Arizona?

Regardless of which party they award primary custody, both parents still need to bear the financial responsibility of raising their child or children. The state of Arizona requires both parents to offer “reasonable support” to their kids, who the courts regard as minors. This is where child support comes into play.

Can a non custodial parent pay child support arrears?

If there is money left over once they pay the arrears, the custodial parent will receive that amount. Non-custodial parents who have accumulated assigned child support arrears could find themselves in a difficult position.

Can a child support agreement be modified in Arizona?

4 Modifying a child support agreement Under Arizona law, parents have a legal duty to provide “all reasonable support” to their biological and adopted children (ARS 25-501). When parents separate or get divorced, the courts enforce this responsibility with a child support agreement.

What are child support guidelines in Arizona?

Arizona Child Support Laws – Adopted by the Arizona Supreme Court – Effective June 11, 2011. The Arizona child support guidelines offer a standard set of rules for calculating child support due from a parent for the support of his or her children. Arizona uses the income shares model which estimates how much the children would receive had both parents continued to live together and then divides the share between the parents on […]

What is the division of child support services?

The Division of Child Support is a division of the Department for Community-Based Services. The Division provides assistance to parents with minor children seeking financial support from a non-custodial parent. Services provided include: Establishment of paternity Establishment of child support Enforcement…

What is back child support?

Back child support, also known as retroactive child support, refers to missed child support payments. When two parents of a child either separate (if not married) or divorce (if married), the non-custodial parent has a legal obligation to make monthly child support payments for the child’s basic necessities.

What is child support address?

Child Support Mailing Address: Child Support. PO Box 7190. Bismarck, ND 58507-7190. Street Address: Child Support. 1600 E Century Avenue, Suite 7.