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What is the incidence rate of days away from work?

What is the incidence rate of days away from work?

The incidence rate of days away from work (DAFW) cases was 0.9 cases per 100 FTE workers and the incidence rate of days of job transfer and restriction only (DJTR) cases was 0.7 cases per 100 FTE workers, which were the rates reported in 2018. (See chart 2.)

What was the number of workplace injury and illness in 2019?

Within the retail trade sector, general merchandise stores reported 96,000 injury or illness cases; food and beverage stores reported 92,600 cases; motor vehicle and parts dealers reported 61,500 cases; and building material and garden supply stores reported 53,800 cases.

When did the JLL workforce survey come out?

In October 2020, JLL analyzed an online survey of 2,033 office workers across 10 countries spanning all major industries. The goal was to understand employee sentiments about how workforce preferences are shifting workplace priorities.

When is due date for Texas Workforce Commission?

In response to the recent impacts of COVID-19, the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) will be extending the due date for the First Quarter 2020 report filing and tax payment until May 15th, 2020.

When do employers need to report unemployment to TWC?

At that time, employers will also be able to view their 2021 tax rate using the TWC Unemployment Tax Services system. A February 2021 notification will give employers sufficient time to update their programs, notify their service agents and submit their first 2021 tax report in April 2021.

When does the employment situation for may come out?

The Employment Situation for May is scheduled to be released on Friday, June 4, 2021, at 8:30 a.m. (ET).

When to report an incident to the Texas Workforce Commission?

If you attempted to rehire a former employee and they refused to return to work, you need to report the incident to the Texas Workforce Commission ( TWC ). We need to know the following information: If the worker refused due to safety concerns, the steps the employer has taken to ensure the safety of the workers and customers.