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What is internal complaint committee?

What is internal complaint committee?

Internal Complains Committee(ICC) is a mandatory committee which every employer is required to constitute within his organization. In the scenario where the employer has branch offices the he needs to have an ICC as each such branch office to address the issues of sexual harassment.

What should be the procedure for a harassment complaint?

Your workplace’s complaint procedure should include: Creating a procedure to ensure a healthy work environment is maintained for complainants Communicating decisions and actions taken by the organization following a complaint to all affected parties Make everyone in your organization aware of this mechanism.

What happens if the wrong person investigates employee harassment?

Having the wrong person investigate can discourage harassment victims from reporting meritorious claims and cause the employer to make decisions based on faulty or incomplete information. Ideally, the investigator should be a person who has the respect of employees and who has an understanding of the issues under investigation.

What’s the best way to report a complaint to HR?

Do not offer any opinions or inferences based on the information the reporter has given you. Communicating through writing (such as email) can take longer and often isn’t the most effective way to report a complaint. Instead, communicate verbally with HR about the employee’s allegation.

Can a sexual harassment investigation be kept in personnel file?

Likewise, if no action is taken as a result of the investigation, the various statements should be helpful in supporting that there was insufficient evidence to support discipline. The sexual harassment investigative file should not be kept in the personnel file.

What should you do if you receive an employee harassment complaint?

You should never investigate an employee harassment complaint on your own. The first thing you should do after listening to an employee harassment complaint is to contact HR.

When do you need to do a harassment investigation?

When an employee makes a harassment complaint that involves specific allegations, an investigation is required. (An investigation may not be required if an employee merely makes a vague complaint about rudeness, for example.) Courts have ruled that failure to investigate amounts to discrimination.

Can a employer punish an employee for making a complaint?

That means employers cannot punish employees for making discrimination or harassment complaints or participating in workplace investigations.

Why did an employee file a complaint with human resources?

The news article indicates that the owner posted threatening messages on her Facebook page—messages that an employee believed were directed to her—after the employee had filed a complaint with human resources alleging that a manager at the bar had used a sexual slur against her.